Thursday, October 02, 2008

Live Blog: VP Debate

One more thought: What kind of research was Ifill doing to break her ankle? Jeez.

And here's a fact checking article.

Final verdict:
Both VP candidates did a commendable job. That said, there's one person I'd be comfortable with as a president. Just so you know, it's not the moose hunter.

10:31 pm:
Closing statements...blah.

10:28 pm:
"Increase taxes" means getting rid of Dubya's tax cuts for the wealthy. It's a correction that needs to happen.

10:23 pm:
If John McCain is a maverick, I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska. Heyoh. Biden lays the smack down.

10:21 pm:
Biden almost cried. I take back the raw meat comment. I still think he kills bears though, but with the aid of a slingshot.

10:20 pm:
Mike D, part 3 - "Are you keeping a Palin wink count? I've got four."

I wasn't. But I will now.

10:18 pm:
Palin wants more VP power. Sounds great. Sense the sarcasm?

By the way, not sure if you know this, but Alaska produces energy.

10:16 pm:
I request another debate, one without talking points allowed on the podium.

10:13 pm:
Now education is at the top of the agenda. I can't keep this straight.

10:11 pm:
Here's the deal, I see no problem with raising taxes on people who make more than $250,000 per year. Biden is right, if the middle class succeeds, everyone succeeds.

10:09 pm:
Here's a picture of bacon taped to a cat.

10:06 pm: What war has John McCain won?

10:04 pm: Folksy Palin strikes again.

9:57 pm: I'm not so sure the comment of us killing innocent Afghans is absurd.

9:56 pm: Biden just effectively said, "Boom goes the dynamite." Well done, Toothy.

9:54 pm: My lady just said, "I wanna open a strip club called 'The Gaza Strip'." I love her.

9:51 pm: Why is Israel/Palestine at the top of a McCain/Palin agenda? How about what's shakin' in our own borders?

9:50 pm: "Passion for diplomacy." I have a passion for bacon.

9:46 pm: The central front in the war on terror was never in Iraq. That's my opinion.

9:41 pm: "Your plan is a white flag of surrender." Wow. Way to be strong, Palin.

9:37 pm: So same-sex benefits are OK in her state, but not in her country? Hmmm. Also, I'm not so sure her family of Todd, Britt, Chip, Deuce, Roxy and whatever other weird names she came up, is diverse.

9:35 pm: Palin bites back! The drilling exchange was her best of the debate so far.

9:33 pm: My lady is home. Time to put pants back on. Boo! (just kidding)

9:31 pm: Palin might be falling apart...

9:27 pm: I propose the next question to Palin is, "Can you name one American newspaper?"

9:26 pm: I think Biden eats raw meat.

9:22 pm: Sassy the cat is bored. She's sleeping on my leg.

Palin just said McCain doesn't flip flop. Lies.

9:21 pm: The ultimate bridge to nowhere. ZING!

9:19 pm: $5000 for health care does not even cover premiums for six months for a family. McCain's plan is poop.

9:16 pm: Mike D chimes in, part 2 - "Why does she have to talk like a redneck f'ed an eskimo and made a baby?"

9:12 pm: Mike D chimes in - "She looks really uncomfortable and rehearsed. Biden looks much more poised. Darn right!"


9:11 pm: Biden smiled. The audience put on sunglasses. Those are pearly whites.

9:09 pm: OK. I've had enough. Palin isn't Joe Sixpack. She's worth more than $1 million. Joe Sixpack gets a mortgage. Palin doesn't. She gets paid to live in her house.

She knows how to play to the hockey moms apparently. Are they eating this crap up?

9:06 pm: Team of mavericks? That wouldn't work, in the real world anyway.

9:05 pm: Palin with a well-rehearsed answer on economic policy. Disaster avoided.

9:00 pm: Let's get it on...

I'm going to "live blog" during the VP debate tonight, providing JIDT readers with my two pennies on what's being said and what's not being said.


My opinion of Sarah Palin is low. I know little about Joe Biden, although he is stunningly handsome (jk).

I tend to be rather liberal on social issues, but more conservative on fiscal ones.

I was registered as a Democrat (without my knowledge), however, I do not consider myself a member of either party. In fact, I think the fact we only have two to choose from (realistically) is a huge problem.

Palin reminds me of this person.

Biden, a Washington lifer, has his own faults.

The more I read about federal politics (and politics in general), the more I think the vast majority of politicians are...let's just say "bad people."

If Ron Paul were a serious candidate, I would probably vote for him. I'm developing a slight mancrush on him, mostly because of his economic stances.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nanotechnology is cool

This is part blog post, part shout out to Graham. You see, Graham is an avid fan of nanotechnology. And since I'm a fan of prefixes indicating ridiculously large or small amounts, I also dig nanotechnology and hold hope for how it can make our world better.

Here are 15 examples -

Here's yet one more -

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


This may be the coolest thing ever. Can anyone say Halloween costume?

On another note, I'm close to being a regular blogger again. It will happen soon - within a week.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Blogface is Taking a Break

Because I'm super busy the next couple weeks, I am taking a blog break. They're also starting to feel a bit contrived. I'm positive a short hiatus will re-energize me.

This is not a retirement...well, it's like a Brett Favre retirement, meaning I'll be back soon because my urge to compete is sky high.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Junk in da Trunk: Retraction

I had a post for today. But, I've decided to retract it before it was published. I'm not sure if that's officially a "retraction," but it's not going up today.

To let you know, it was about Detroit. Maybe if the number of felonies and lawsuits increases just a bit, to say 87 or so, I'll post it.

Have a great weekend.